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I haven’t posted lately cause my tank has been bleh but it’s getting cleaned up! I bought a bunch of Xmas stuff at the store today!
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Yang died. I’m almost positive it wasn’t from disease. The little guy was much shyer than ying and I have a feeling he might’ve not been feeling well and just hid without eating. I kept cupping him and trying to feed him one on one, he just slowly lost his appetite. He was only a little baby I wish I could see what he’d look like when he grew up :( I gave him a longer life than he’d have in those cups, I gotta keep thinking that.

I cleaned the tank lots and have ying acclimating. Poor guy’s gonna miss his pal. I’m hoping maybe this was for the best because the growth stunting hormone won’t be coming from 2 fish, now only one, so maybe ying will grow faster into a beautiful fish. Aahhhh

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So it’s my birthday today and all I wanna do is spend my birthday money and most recent paycheck on fish stuff…. Welp. I’m gonna look and see if I can get a nice 2.5g, I saw one that comes with a top for 14.99! A whisper filter at Walmart is going for 17.99 oooh

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